Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Guiness World Book of Records Attempt

T and I stole away for a quick coffee and to buy soccer shin guards at the mall and discovered this happening in the middle of the mall!

Upon further reading (she is good at reading in Turkish), we found that a team in our own city was endeavouring to build the world's largest profiterol dessert and be listed in the Guiness World Book of Records. Profiterol is delicious! It's soft, sweet pastry balls filled with sweet cream and chocolate poured over the top...mmmm. The team came so close...over 2 meters...when it toppled.

I hope they try again. I hope they seek taste testers.

Here's a picture of a profiterol with yours truly.

Monday, September 15, 2014

Henna! A first for us!

My 2 older girls were invited to a birthday-day-over for a sweet homeschooled friend. Her mom was in the US, putting her first daughter in college. I had seen the mom at church, told her I was praying for her and that I was just right behind her in the process and had admired the courage she had in all of it. She cried. Sigh. It's not easy launching them.

So, while she was away, the next daughter had a birthday. Dad was caring for the kids...they have around 8 or so. He offered to cook dinner for her friends (girls said it was delicious!) He allowed her to invite friends over, and the next thing you know, they'd come up with the idea of doing a henna party. Disclaimer: HENNA is not a tattoo! In the middle east, it is used to decorate a bride on her wedding day or for a special occasion. It is a symbol of her joy. It is said, "Where there is joy, there is henna." It is a natural dye that can be painted onto skin in beautiful designs. It usually lasts a couple of weeks. I knew Papa would not say yes unless I put a good spin on we approached it from the "very temporary" standpoint, the "cultural standpoint", the "girls just having fun, no harm" standpoint. And he agreed!

I thought they made beautiful designs.

And for whatever reason, it only lasted a couple of days. But it was fun while it lasted!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Back to School 2014

On the first day of school, we had our annual launch! CC offered 5TL to any student who could list the 5 Expected Outcomes (O-Outstanding Character, A-Academic Excellence, S-Servant Leadership, I-Intellectual Curiosity, S-Sportsmanship).

Then he led the march around the school, with 2 elected seniors carrying the Turkish flag and the Oasis flag.

The Kindergarteners and Pre-Kers bring up the end.

We all gathered for an Oasis cheer! (They are yelling "O!")

And so the tradition continues and the year began! I am so thankful for this place!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

10 Years Ago Today

10 years ago today, Oasis International School opened its doors for the first time! The Lord has been so faithful!

First Day of 2014!

Here are my precious kids! (Bear with to put these in the record each year!)

Sometimes I wonder how I can be so blessed.

Here's my handsome (only) son, entering 1st grade. He was especially intrigued by the machine his teacher has, which projects anything under it, up onto the screen. (I subbed in there one day and discovered my coffee cup being projected up on the screen, whoops!) Everything has changed this year...he gets his own 1/2 of a locker, he sits at a desk, he has homework! His teacher rocks. She runs marathons, is a techno-genious, always patient.

Here's my sweet "last rose" as they say in Turkish...the last daughter. She finished up 3rd grade with me and is launching into 4th with a new teacher. She is going to have a great year! This past week, she came running to me and out of breath, exclaiming, "Mama! I get to be a library helper this year!" Don't you love this age? Her teacher is my good buddy, extremely organized. I've launched her into good hands!

This sweet baby started Secondary. She was 18 months old when we moved here and learned within a week that she could bounce high enough in her springy crib to almost propel herself out. Now she's changing classes and getting books out of a locker. You can tell the sunlight is different in her picture. Hmmm...someone was up earlier and dressed for school first!

Daughter #2 starts 8th grade. How can this be happening? Same sweet heart, but the little body and pigtails are gone and have been replaced!

My firstborn was not quite ready for her first day picture, so I assured her I would find her at school and get it. It was all a fun, dramatic scene. She asks if we can just get this over with, her friends say it's so sweet that your mom wants your picture. And all I can think is....Kindergarten...I taught her in can I be down to 3 more years??? !!! I pinch back the tears and ask the Lord to lengthen the days.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Meanwhile....While We Were Away

While we were gone on our retreat, the kids stayed alone. Of course, I did not FB or blog this at the time. It was the first time they'd ever stayed alone. My good friend T was right down the street, ready to be Mama at any need they had. She blessed me so much by picking my kids up each day and taking them to the base so they could attend/help with VBS. She had them for dinner, too, so Firstborn just had to get them breakfast, lunch, and squared away at bedtime. She house was perfect when we returned. I was speechless. The girls worked together and did a great job. When I came home, I asked if they were scared at all. All I got was, "Wow, Mama, your sleeping in your bedroom is a LOT cooler than ours!" (No AC and the upstairs is hotter!)

Here are the kids doing the motions to one of the cool VBS songs.

This year all 3 of my older girls qualified to be workers. Twinkle Toes was happy to help with a preschool class. Miss Midd and Firstborn were on the worship team.

Here is their team of 4 song leaders. When we moved here 11 years ago, Firstborn was deeply feeling the effects of leaving 'home' (Singapore). She was the only one old enough to go to VBS, and I took her each day. She was scared and cried when I dropped her off. It was a full-circle, thank-You-Lord, for all He has done in her life to see her up there in charge of the worship for all the kids. She didn't cry a bit. :)
VBS comes at the perfect time...the week before school starts, when all the kids are rolling in and needing to remember how to get up on time after summer! It was a blessing to me, too, to be able to leave them in good hands while we were gone.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Retreat's End

We really had a great time together. We ate, played, prayed, and cried together. We all had take-aways that God was speaking into our hearts. For me, I sensed God telling me I needed to forgive rather than just stuff some things way down deep in my heart. The small acts of kindness in this new staff (like immediately friending me on Facebook and treating me ...the boss' one of the gang) went a long way in healing some things in me.

We all left feeling like the amount of time we had missed in getting our classrooms ready and meetings finished was replaced by a spiritual bonding that was ever-so-much more important.

The last night we made a bonfire.

Here's my sweet friend B. If you wonder why she's wearing a blanket, it's because she gave me, who brought no jacket, her jacked to borrow. Did she ask for it back when she got cold? No. She just wore a blanket to the bonfire. That's just the way B rolls.

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